Wood pellets

Product specification

Wood pellets are a biofuel suitable for heating all buildings. Their production takes place by compressing organic substances and biomass, i.e. pure wood sawdust and ground lumber, pressed under great pressure and at high temperature.

They are a comfortable homogeneous fuel that stores well. Regulation of pellet heating is very simple and effective. This makes wood pellets the most used type of fuel.

As a by-product, wood pellets can be used as hygienic bedding for animals.

Technical parameters

High calorific value – 18.95 MJ / kg om
Maximum humidity up to 8%
Minor ash content up to 0.5%
Weight of one pallet = 0.975 t (975 kg) = 65 bags of 15 kg each


100% pine sawdust without bark.


As fuel in solid fuel boilers.


We recommend storing in covered and dry warehouses, it is important to make sure the packaging is tight and avoid direct exposure to rain. Keep away from sources of fire and out of reach of children.


Dimensions of a 15 kg bag (Length x Width): 450×750 mm

Dimensions of one pallet (Length x Width x Height): 1m×1.2m×1.5m

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